Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weight loss on HOLD... until after June 5!

Last weekend, Joel and I ran in the Georgia Tech (Joel's college team of choice) Run for Robotics 5K. GT has a campus down here for mainly engineering students. The race they put together benefited the team that was building some type of underwater remote controlled robot. Anyway... we signed up for it because it was pretty cheap ($25/person) and nearby. Little did we know that it was mostly a cross country race, as opposed to a road race. It was pretty challenging, but a nice change from the pounding pavement. I did the best I could. It was hot and the terrain was sandy, grassy and uneven. There was even a dead snake on the path. I ended up finishing in just under 33 minutes. I was hoping to beat my prior time - a little over 31 minutes from the Gulfstream 5K, but due to the unpredictable course, I was unable to do that! Even Joel finished a minute and a half over his Gulfstream 5K time. Oh well....

To elaborate on the subject of this post, I am hoping not to lose much weight until after June 5. "WHY?" you may ask.... well, I was looking up another race to run in the upcoming weeks and there is one on the 5th of June called the Hog Jog 5K at a park a few miles up the interstate from us. As I was reading the information on the race, I noticed that there would be awards given out for age groups, M/F, and Clydesdale and Zena divisions.... The Clydesdale and Zena divisions are pretty much heavy runners... Clydesdale is males over 200lb and Zena (more commonly known as "Athena" division) is females over 150lb ... which I can actually compete in!!! LOL! Finally something I can place in and possibly win! hahaha I know right now I am a little over 150lbs, which I have been for the past 5 months! But that is just going by my bathroom scale... which usually (in my case) reads a little lower than normal.

So that is why I am not trying to lose any weight until after this race. Silly reason? Yes. But I want to win something, dammit! Looking at the results from last year, the top Zena did the race in 31:25, the 3rd place Zena did it in 34:11. I can EASILY beat 34 minutes. The thing with this one, though, is that it is going to be another unfamiliar race and it WILL be on trails. Also, last year, someone told me it rained, so the paths were even more challenging. I'm hoping that it won't rain and that I can get some good runs in before then, so I can beat my previous race time, and possibly win something!!!

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Shonna said...

I cant believe it is only 150 pounds to be heavy! Guys get 300?!? That is BS! Good luck with the race love! With all of these races, I'm sure the pounds will start melting off!