Saturday, July 30, 2011

hit a wall, then woke up

It's 4:45am. I am still up. I think I'm going to attempt sleep in an hour.

A few hours ago I placed my head on my desk and closed my eyes while waiting for a file to load. I could have easily fallen asleep if it was not for the danger of spilling my water cup on my keyboard. (I was too lazy to move it)

I'm working on some spreads for a freelance project - an investment booklet/guide (see above).

Just wanted to take a blog break.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm on the internet!

My arm is a work sample!

The lovely, talented Ms. Kimbery Reed graced my arm with her beautiful art.
I want her to do my other arm... someday. :)

photo by Kim Reed (this photo also appears on her website)

Monday, July 25, 2011

to-do list, updated

- Family tree project (freelance project = $) update: completed first draft, waiting on report of typos, but otherwise call it DONE
- Nursery paintings x 2 or 3 (friend project) Still TO-DO... I think they are having the baby this week, so I need to send soon!
- Couples portrait painting x 2 (friend projects - similar style to Christmas paintings) Also still TO-DO
- Wedding logo (cousin project) TO-DO, this logo is going on a wedding photo booth strip - waiting for dimensions
- Business card design (friend project) TO-DO
- Website update (personal project... desperate need of an update) NEED TO-DO!!!
- Investment/Travel Guide layout (freelance) new project!
- Website update for past client new (but not exciting because it is a favor)!

All that, in addition to the day job! What, me sleep?

Other non-design stuff (to keep me sane):
- I have been teaching myself guitar for the past few weeks. I have an acoustic to play on, but my hands are so small and the strings are so hard to press. Joel is bringing up his electric (easier to play) when he goes down to GA next month. I know A, C, D, E and G and have been playing some songs which only use those chords (ex. Green Day's "When I Come Around"). I am getting the hang of pressing the strings (I've got callused fingertips), but I still need to work on my transitions. It's pretty fun!

My first Macarons
- I've become mildly obsessed with making macarons. They require only 4 ingredients and are relatively easy to make... it's all about timing, though (of how long you let the egg whites sit, how long you beat the egg white, how long you bake, what time of day to make them, etc). I think I might have come upon the ideal times with my last run. My first batch was not a complete disaster, but could have been better. Looking forward to experiments with fillings soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a coffee morning

Last night, I stayed up until 4am working on the family tree layout project on my to-do list.

Take a look at that... I am working off a rough PDF (upper right background), pretty much just making it look a little better – refining it in InDesign. The client will eventually want to print this into a huge poster.

It may look boring, but I'm actually having fun with this. First of all, I think it's SO interesting that the client has his family history of NINETEEN GENERATIONS. I don't even know the names of my great-grandparents! The first person in his tree was born in 1485! Wow...

Secondly, as much as I bitch about being in front of a computer all day, sometimes simplified layout work is refreshing. I probably could have gotten all of this done in one sitting, but I made myself go to sleep. Plus, I love working at night when there aren't any distractions of the day to bother me. It's so easy to play some music and just get into the zone (my divine frenzy!).

I'm looking forward to completing this tonight (if I don't fall asleep). I made myself a strong cup of coffee this morning to stay awake. I am not a regular coffee drinker, I just drink it when I need to stay up at night or following a late night.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Projects (a reminder) and Pinterest

Stuff on my plate that I still need to work on:

- Family tree project (freelance project = $)
- Nursery paintings x 2 or 3 (friend project)
- Couples portrait painting x 2 (friend projects - similar style to Christmas paintings)
- Wedding logo (cousin project)
- Business card design (friend project)
- Website update (personal project... desperate need of an update)


Just started using Pinterest. What an awesome idea. I have needed this for a long time. It's pretty much a visual bookmarking site where you can sort your bookmarks into categories (such as "Inspiration" or "Recipes"). I do this with my favorites/bookmarks on my web browser, but they are hidden most of the time and I tend to forget about them. (If you click on my link, my categories have been set up, but not too many "Pins" yet! I need time to go crazy!!!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9 to 10 hours of the day



Not as effective as coffee

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Invitation Package

I recently completed a wedding invitation package. These are photos the bride took of the completed, printed pacakge - printed through one of my favorite online vendors:

She wanted something a little less traditional and more whimsical since it will be a beach wedding. I also did her save the date magnets.