Sunday, June 6, 2010

Success - 2nd place

The Hardeeville Hog Jog 5K was yesterday. I managed to place in the Zena division! I'm so proud of myself! haha But in my last post I said I could "EASILY beat 34 minutes." OK, I just BARELY did... with a finish time of 33:40. The first place Zena did it in 32:20! And she was maybe 180lbs. (Joel thinks she was over 200, but I didn't think so) That is an amazing feat. Even in my non-Zena status it took a while for me to get to that time.

It was a nice shady trail run for the most part, then there were some parts on the road and in the blazing hot sun. It was pretty damn hot and humid. My breathing was holding me back. I was on the heels of another girl in the 3rd mile, we passed each other a few times, then I realized I veered off the course at one point (oops!) and she went ahead of me. After a while on the last straightaway, she had to walk! haha I never allow myself to walk in these races, I like to keep a steady pace and I feel more accomplished.

Anyway, I guess now, I will be back on my "elimination diet." I had been eating some white rice out of convenience, but didn't mind because I was trying to maintain weight. Now, I have to get back on track and focus on losing. No more 5Ks until the fall. This one was too damn hot. It started at 9am, which is pretty late to start running down here... it starts getting hot and gross by 8am or earlier!

Results of the race are here:

Poor Joel's time was effed up. They misdirected the faster runners (an extra .4 miles off course), so by the time they were all on the correct course, there were other runners ahead of them at that point (which they all probably passed anyway). They adjusted the times for some of them, but Joel's time wasn't one of them.

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Peng-Peng said...

yay u!! u amaze me every time u do this stuff cuz i have no idea how u do it. congratulations to ya!!!