Friday, May 27, 2011

Small Things in Life

This abandoned baby bird was found on the ground the other day. I picked him/her up before I took the dogs out. Liam got a kick out of him/her. I gave him/her water through a dropper and some wet bread crumbs. Later that night I put him/her back outside in the tree near the spot I found it, so as not to disrupt the course of nature. Sorry you have deadbeat parents, little bird.

I found this little guy attached to my leg yesterday. Little bastard. I should have fed him to baby bird.

Prime, baby!

Just bought a swanky "new" (well, refurbished) 35mm, f1/8 lens. ($160, price for a new one is $200-250)
All I am missing now is a swanky new camera body!!! Someone get me a D7000!



In my world of design, I've been working on some wedding invites. I'll post them up once the whole package is completed. Also on the list of non-8-to-5 projects is a monster family tree! (which I probably won't be able to showcase here since it's the same client as last time who requested that I not share his family info... understandable! But who reads my blog anyway!?)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a divine shirt, me want

From a fellow Gentileschi-fan, a t-shirt design that I truly adore and WANT!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Impromptu Telephoto Session :: the yard

disclaimer: if photos of dog poop offend you, please don't scroll down :)

this flower prompted me to grab the camera

do you see that super fat fly??? lay off the poop, man!

flying anthill city