Monday, May 3, 2010

a change of pace...

Since I'm not really doing much of anything creative these days (sad isn't it?), I think I'll start looking for my muse in other places... specifically, as diet and exercise.

I'm going to be very honest here and post my weight. I don't care. It's the baby that's done this to me! LOL

Pre-baby, I was probably in close to the best shape of my life. I was setting PRs in the 5Ks we ran and doing P-90X and going to the gym... I weighed between 130-135lbs at that point. Yes, that is technically overweight if you go by BMI. I am only 5'1" I should weigh like 110 lbs or something crazy like that. 130-135 was fine with me. I felt good and I ate whatever I wanted.

When I got pregnant, the first trimester was like nothing even happened. That's when I actually ran my 5K PR! I wasn't gaining any weight and staying fairly active for a preggo woman. I also had virtually no cravings for food at that point... it was more like a food aversion and I became really picky with stuff I ate.

Then 2nd trimester came and that's when I started packing on the poundage. If I started at 135lbs, I gained at least 45lbs during the pregnancy. Maybe more because my last official weigh-in was at the OB/GYN a week before giving birth. I was 180lbs.

Post delivery, I breastfed for the first month and the weight seemed to melt off. I also didn't really have time to eat much since I was so overwhelmed by the new baby! I was down to 150lbs by the end of the first month! Now I've been at a plateau since then and I am not budging. I've started running again - we've done two 5Ks in the past month. Still nothing. So I have to change my diet.

I've decided that this week I'm not going to eat any bread or white rice.

This is what I've had so far today:
1 bowl of Frosted Flakes with milk (2%) for breakfast
1 cup of coffee with sweetened creamer
1 apple
1 banana
water, as needed
a can of soup (chicken and wild rice) for lunch

I need to buy more fruit! And actual vegetables! After a week of no bread, I am going to cut out something else. Like maybe chocolate and coffee (I'll just go back to green tea).

And at some point I need to go back to the gym. Just no time or money for that right now!

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Shonna said...

You're doing amazing and you look awesome! I've lost less than half of what you have in 6 times as long! Besides, you have always been naturally muscular. BUT, I totally understand if you want to do something to FEEL better... You guys are saving money on the daycare with you gma there... could you use that to go to the gym? I've enjoyed it as my personal time. And BTW, Pizza never counts. It's just a necessity! :)