Friday, July 27, 2012

Spreading myself too thin

So there's a sketch of Liam I did last week while on vacay. My first sketch of him in, like, ever... and it only took me 2 years and almost 8 months. His dad found an awesome new racing game app on the iPhone and of course Liam was all over that. It was the perfect time to do it because he was actually still for more than 2 minutes! But that is a topic for another blog...

Anyway, so in the past few weeks, no - months, I've been busy as ever with freelance projects. I'm working on one this week and it's draining the energy out of me. Little sleep from late nights of working and early morning waking so I can run when it's not blazing hot. I'm sure if I keep this up, I will burn out. My freelance is already suffering as I haven't even gotten a chance to work on ideas for another client. I feel terrible. And then when I get little sleep, my creative juices stop flowing... so it's not a very ideal situation to be in. Why do I do this to myself!? My body has not shut down yet... but I am afraid it might if I keep this up. I just want to sleep.