Tuesday, January 27, 2009

painting, part 2

I finished this painting of Snorty on Saturday. Probably took me a good 5 hours while listening to the Food Network in the background. I got a good headache after doing it. I guess acrylics have some type of toxic odor, although you can't really smell it while using them.

This photo looks better than the real thing. I added more of the color in between the light blue and white, as seen on the right cheek. I used it sparingly in the one I did of Mac, but in this one I mixed in too much of the light blue, when I should have used more white. So in reality, that lighter light blue kind of merges into the light blue...unless you are looking at it in a certain light.

Ah well. With these mistakes/lessons, I should be able to perfect the last painting of Lucian!


Peng-Peng said...

dude, i ain't been on this joint in forever (which i should really get on the ball about) but these paintings are really fabulicious!! seriously they're so great! and so u! i can see what u mean about the dark blue being too close to the black and all but honestly they look pretty flippin sweet. maybe u can paint my doggies and i can paint urs! =)
can't wait for the lucian pic!

Tina & Drew said...

You totally have a reason to come up to D.C. now Jacy - you market these to the local dog boutiques and you're going to have a line out the door for a piece!

That's awesome :)