Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy belated new year!

So December was a blur and so was the beginning of January. Lots of stuff happened, mostly good, I think, except that I haven't really done much artistically. I actually have done lots of work, just mainly stuff for my online classes, a nail salon website, and a t-shirt design for a half marathon (which was a contest...which I didn't win...b@stards!) But all of it is not worth posting here.

[[ Oh, I did do a couple family holiday photo shoots, which can be seen on my website. I do think those turned out lovely :) ]]

I am, however working on my first ever painting! I've been thinking about it for over a year, but just now got the balls to start it. It's going to be a triptych of my pets. And they will be graphic, as opposed to realistic, so it's not too hard to do... or so I thought. Well, it's not hard at all, it's just taking lots of time. I'm doing it in a sort of paint by numbers style, so I'm just painting on shapes of color, no blending involved.

I'm working with acrylics because they dry fast. Easy to work with, but still they have to dry and I'm impatient, so it's taking a while. I really want the work day to be over with so I can work on it! ( I type this during my working hours...heehee) I did a bit on my lunch break, which was nice. It's very therapeutic...

I will definitely post photos of it when I'm done. I'm proud of myself for starting this!

I also have a few other freelance projects: Masato (in Pooler) website and another wedding invitation. Gotta love the word of mouth! So I will be super-busy in the next few weeks... I also have to finish up 3 more classes by the beginning of March! eep!

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