Monday, July 25, 2011

to-do list, updated

- Family tree project (freelance project = $) update: completed first draft, waiting on report of typos, but otherwise call it DONE
- Nursery paintings x 2 or 3 (friend project) Still TO-DO... I think they are having the baby this week, so I need to send soon!
- Couples portrait painting x 2 (friend projects - similar style to Christmas paintings) Also still TO-DO
- Wedding logo (cousin project) TO-DO, this logo is going on a wedding photo booth strip - waiting for dimensions
- Business card design (friend project) TO-DO
- Website update (personal project... desperate need of an update) NEED TO-DO!!!
- Investment/Travel Guide layout (freelance) new project!
- Website update for past client new (but not exciting because it is a favor)!

All that, in addition to the day job! What, me sleep?

Other non-design stuff (to keep me sane):
- I have been teaching myself guitar for the past few weeks. I have an acoustic to play on, but my hands are so small and the strings are so hard to press. Joel is bringing up his electric (easier to play) when he goes down to GA next month. I know A, C, D, E and G and have been playing some songs which only use those chords (ex. Green Day's "When I Come Around"). I am getting the hang of pressing the strings (I've got callused fingertips), but I still need to work on my transitions. It's pretty fun!

My first Macarons
- I've become mildly obsessed with making macarons. They require only 4 ingredients and are relatively easy to make... it's all about timing, though (of how long you let the egg whites sit, how long you beat the egg white, how long you bake, what time of day to make them, etc). I think I might have come upon the ideal times with my last run. My first batch was not a complete disaster, but could have been better. Looking forward to experiments with fillings soon!

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