Monday, August 16, 2010

Hurts to cough

We joined a 24-hour gym (woohoo!) and they ave multiple locations around the region. We've already been to 3 of them. The one that is the closest to us is the crappiest and smallest. All the weight machines are butted up next to each other and the few cardio machines they have are in a little corner next to the windows... which don't even face outwards (so the public can watch your jiggly ass try to run on the treadmill).

Anyway, we tried one out that is a little bit further of a drive, and it had way more machines (and the step machines I like that the other one didn't have). We're probably going to go to that one more than the rinkydink one closer to us. Yesterday we tried the one they have at the mall... it was awesome. Lots of space, lots of machines, has my favorite assisted dip/pullup machine AND the treadmills have fans. And surprisingly it wasn't even very busy. Pretty cool. We had such a good time there yesterday that today I can't lift my arms without them hurting... and whenever I try to cough, my abs hurt. Good times.


On the art front... I've been trying to work in some time to do the small projects I've taken on. A couple logos - one for my friend's handmade baby goods boutique and another for a communications business. Also trying to come up with a concept for a more personal artwork. I've never done a piece for myself that was never a school project or something that someone asked me to do. So I'm asking myself to do something for ME! I don't know what it will be yet, but I do know that I need to brush up on my fine art skills... drawing... and I want to break out some charcoal. I need to get my hands dirty.

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