Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby steps, er, more like crawling to my goal

No progress so far. Still in the 150 range. Although I can't say that I have had the desire to go out and do anything because it's just so damn hot and humid. I'm probably going to join a gym again (for now) and plan to go after we put Liam to bed around 8-8:30... which is a great time for us since we eat dinner early now (we'll be digested before then) and we would rather go when no one else is in there hogging all the machines we want to use.

I started doing this "routine" inspired by a FB group I "like" which is Fleet Feet Savannah, a running shoe store that hosts a lot of the races in Savannah. They said that every hour, on the hour, their employees do 10 pushups. Their posts the other day were every hour starting at 8, telling their FB fans to join in and do the 10 pushups with them. I figured 10 every hour won't hurt and won't take long either. So I ended up doing them until 5pm... 100 pushups in one day! woohoo! I did the "fake" (aka girly) style push ups, but they still made me sore the next day!

I tried switching it up yesterday with 10 squats, instead of pushups, but my workday got hectic and I forgot to check the time after 11am. However, I have managed to keep up with them today! One more set of 10 @ 5pm and I'm done! haha

Next time I will try 100 sit ups. And maybe after that... finally get my butt to the gym!


Tracy said...

I think I'll be squatting right along with you. Nothing else seems to get rid of this postpartum ass!

Shonna said...

Great idea! Maybe I'll try it too! If you work in burpees then you'll really be sore! :) I guess I'll work my way up to those though!