Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happy national pancake day!

OK, so that subject has nothing to do with this post. I just couldn't think of a good subject line. But today really is National Pancake day and I think IHOP is giving away free small stacks until 10pm. woohoo!

I haven't been doing much artsy stuff lately. I still have my final Lucian painting to do, but it seems like it will be the most complex out of the three, so I've been procrastinating on that. I think I also need new brushes. I need a smaller one. I also want to at least draw the lines for a painting for my friend. She has 2 doggies and she saw the ones I did of Mac and Snorty and wanted me to draw one out for her to paint. I can set it up like a paint-by-numbers. So I need to get cracking on that.

I have been working in Flash and finished up my first Flash site which I am proud of because learning it was a b!tch. It's for my friend's restaurant: www.masatoofjapan.com I also did the restaurant photography (I ordered the plain mahi and steamed rice, which is not on the menu, but I loved it so I featured it on the site, heehee).

Next is business cards for a friend that I have not been able to work on lately because I have been sleeping at night instead of staying awake to do that and school. Argh! It's so hard! Especially with me being sick. I have been falling back on classes and now there's no way I'll get the 2 classes finished by March 11. Great. I've also been doing this P90X workout that tires me out, so even before I was sick, I was still sleeping through the night instead of working. Friggin not enough hours in the day! Tonight I need to NOT take a nap, because the past few nights I was like, "ok, I'm just going to take a SHORT nap" but ends up being an 8-hour nap and then it's time for me to start the 8-5 work. I'm lucky I work at home, otherwise, NOTHING would ever get done.

Why am I doing this to myself? I won't see a normal sleeping pattern until next year (after I'm done with these classes). I have been getting offers for freelance projects, but I had to turn many of them down because I just really don't have the time. argh!

Well on the plus side, tonight we are going out to eat. Yay!

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Peng-Peng said...

i've heard of this P90X workout. sounds like really hard work. i can see why ur so tired all the time. BUT kickass website!! u flippin go!! i'm tired as crap too, but for lesser reasons. stupid dayjob's preventin me from drawlin. *sigh* darn money!!