Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March in a nutshell

Been busy during the month of March apparently.

Made some cupcakes and discovered Georgetown Cupcake (GTC)! MMMMmmm... the photos above are of my creation for a friend's baby shower. I took much inspiration from GTC. :D Although not as yummy...but still pretty tasty, if I do say so myself! I also used fondant for the first time, but didn't have time to make pretty shapes so I rolled little balls instead. Did the job and was still "pretty"!

I also ran my fastest 5K time ever on the 21st (Gulfstream 5K run - 28:20), and also my fastest 10K on my own (01:02:30) last month!

In terms of work, I finally finished the nail salon website I was working on: Crystal Nails Salon. So hopefully I will be getting paid for that and the other site I did for the same client soon. I need monies! They threw in a free mani and pedi, which I redeemed last Saturday. It was my first manicure... Very relaxing...

And speaking of relaxing, I treated myself to TWO massages last month. One was at a day spa up the street (surprisingly very nice for the little town we live in) and the other was a student massage at a Massage Therapy School. Both were pretty awesome! I want more!!! March was my "pampering month"... I also got a Pedicure with Shonna when we went to Charleston!! We should all plan a spa retreat vacation one weekend... I am hooked!

In the process of the final painting of the "Pet Triptych" which is of Lucian (my cat). It's the most detailed so far and the tiny brush I have been using is about DONE. I will post it up soon.

Other than that, I have been behind on my schoolwork which I should be working on now. heh heh...

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Peng-Peng said...

kickass website! its so purdy. and man that is a NICE nail salon. i've only been to two in my whole life so to me, that's the nicest one i've ever seen. =) i really like those flowery patterns u use/make.