Friday, October 21, 2011

Running on reserves

Between my cousin's wedding, going on vacation, dealing with a "terrible" toddler and stressing about our upcoming move, I've been totally drained of all creative energy. I try not to stay up late to work on projects anymore - I don't want to risk weakening my immune system due to a certain health issue I have. Maybe one late night a week. But even so, most of the time I am so tired anyway, I just want to sleep.

The last creative thing I did was make a handmade wedding card for my cousin and her new hubby... I was inspired by South Park... one of my top 10 favorite shows. :)

In other news, I am REALLY EXCITED about my birthday gift I am getting from Joel. Yeah, I told him want I wanted, so what?! haha Well, there are a bunch of things I want but the one I dropped obvious hints on is the coolest thing on the list, in my opinion... it's also one of the most expensive... haha. Anyway, it will be something that I hope will be a new hobby for me and I plan to use it to make Christmas gifts this year! YES! Another year of handmade gifts! Woohoo!!! Last year's paintings were such an undertaking... I obviously don't want to spoil what it will be, but I will be sure to post pics of them in January 2012!


Peng-Peng said...

what?!?! what is it?!?! =( i wanna know...

divinefrenzy said...

just you wait!! hopefully they will be less time consuming than paintings! :) It will be a new thing for me and I have high hopes for it, so I really hope I can pull off some really awesome [[secret presents]]. I know I would be pretty amazed if I recieved something like it! haha ;)