Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lightroom: Before and After Shots

My Initial Review
I decided to try a photo editing software from Adobe called Photoshop Lightroom. I have heard many good things about it, so I wanted to see what it was all about. I downloaded the 30 day trial (which is a FULL version) a couple days ago. It seems easy enough to use "out of the box", but there were a few things that I got confused on regarding saving and publishing that were not as obvious to me.

After playing with it, I found it pretty fun. I *might* consider buying the full version (which is $300! eeek!). I can essentially do this stuff in Photoshop, but Lightroom has taken all the photo editing aspects and placed them in one program with a pretty bow on it! It makes editing so much easier than if I had just used Photoshop.

The only thing you can't do are detailed photo edits, such as taking out something from the background or taking a frown and turning it into a smile. The fun stuff I like to do. heehee But then again, I have not really explored deeper into the program other than the color edits. There's also the batch editing, that I have not played with yet, either. But I have a whole month to play and learn!

Also, I tried the Facebook uploader through Lightroom. I noticed that when it uploads the images to Facebook, some colors look muddy and gross and some contrasts are not as high as I set them.  Oh well, that's FB for ya.



The pic on the left is the original UNEDITED photo, straight from my camera.
The one on the right is the Lightroom edit.

I posted these and some more of my edited photos to a public Facebook album here:

This one was the first and my favorite so far. I love the B&W version A LOT! (P.S. the yellow text box was obviously not in my original... it was just on the screen when I did the screenshot! oops)

The white balance was off in my original, so the photo turned out too warm. Instead of trying to correct the color temperature, I decided to try to turn it into a B&W.
I didn't do too much to this one. I added some fill light and vibrancy to the overall color. I like all the textures in this photo... 
and of course the cute little guy too!

With this one, I decreased a little of the clarity to give it a bit of a "dreamy" feel.
I tried the high-contrast look on this one...


My next post will be about another program that I have been playing with called Portrait Professional. I purchased it and it's really fun to see what it does to a face!! Insta-airbrush!!!

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