Monday, March 7, 2011

More paintings

I still have 2 16"x20" blank canvases and an 8"x8" square canvas from last year. The 2 larger ones are spoken for, at least in my mind. The people I plan to give them to don't know it yet, I don't think. They were meant to be Christmas presents, but I never got around to doing them with all the other chaos at the time. I think I need to use the paint I bought before it goes bad, as well. I still have an 8"x8"... who can I give that one to?

I finally bought my Concept 2 rowing machine (with an awesome Groupon: $100 for $500 off!). It's still in the box! :P We picked it up 2 days ago and have been busy with party organizing/cleaning (my mom's 60th birthday was this weekend) to throw it together and test it out. Tonight we will break it open and see how bad of shape I am in. Woohoo!

I also made my cousin some cupcakes for her 14th birthday. She's musically inclined, so she wanted music notes and staves as decorations - with a blue and purple color scheme. I printed out some sheet music for reference and piped melted chocolate onto wax paper. That was fun. I made my usual cream cheese icing (which I think I have perfected, so it's not TOO buttery tasting) and colored 1/3 of the batter blue, and another 1/3 purple. There were white, blue and purple cupcakes. They looked pretty awesome. I regret not taking photos of them before I packed them up in the sweet new cupcake carrier my Aunt got me. The report was that they were a huge hit with her friends and teachers. Everyone loved the icing! Yay me! 

Also on the plate, I've got wedding invites to work on and a few other personal projects, among the normal 8-to-5 and toddler-chasing. I still feel like if I were to just paint and/or decorate cupcakes all the time, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. I yearn for ways to make my life more simple...

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