Monday, October 11, 2010

Back up north

We moved back up to the DC area a couple weeks ago. The whole month prior to the move, I didn't go to the gym or run or anything. AND I had just joined a gym and was going somewhat regularly again! Now, I have to start at square one again. I don't want to join another gym until we can cancel our membership with the one in GA.

Last Saturday, Joel and I went to the Park (Ft. Washington Park) and ran the same trail route that we did the last time we were up here (July). It is a nice shady trail, but depending on the way you go, it is REALLY steep. There are stairs at the end of the 2nd mile and they are killer! There was no way I was running up the steps. Especially after not doing ANY sort of exercise (unless packing and moving counts) for a month. I'm really feeling it today as both my quads and knees are sore. :( BUT... I am looking forward to running more regularly so I won't feel so crappy!

In other news... I can fit back into my pre-preggo jeans again!!!! With my "new abs" (aka loose preggo belly skin, haha) the waist is a little tight, but they still fit fine! Woohoo! ALSO... the running pants I bought a few months ago are loose on me now too! I ran with them the other day and I kept having to pull them up every so often so that I wouldn't moon anyone! The bad news is that I really liked those pants and it was only the 2nd time I ever used them. Now I have to spend money (that is pretty tight these days) to buy new clothes that fit properly. Ugh...

I have no idea where my weight is now. Last I checked I was still hovering around 145. I'm sure I lost muscle, but probably gained fat. The last week in GA we ate horribly!!! *barf*

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Shonna said...

Don't worry about it Jac! We'll get out every weekend! We'll both be slim and trim in no time... Maybe I should stop buying cupcakes? :) You look great anyway!