Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick update (supposed to be working!)

Just wanted to update on the weight loss "project"... the needle FINALLY made it under the 150 mark!!! Woohoo! It's like a few notches past it too! Woohoo! Next milestone is 145...

I JUST joined the gym again, and even started going somewhat regularly... but now life takes another turn and we find out that we are MOVING (in a month!)!! A very exciting time, indeed, but with the packing, cleaning, etc... there really is NO TIME to work out.

Being busy also means: hardly any time to eat. But I'm actually doing what I should have been doing all along and just eating for fuel. It's not bad. (unless you stick a cupcake in front of me)

But I also want to attribute some of the credit to switching up the BC pills. I'm back to what I was on pre-preggo and my body seems to like it better. Although, my skin is not agreeing --- I'm breaking out more! But that might also be due to the stress of the move. Who knows. I'd rather deal with breakouts than a weight plateau! And who knows... I just might be off of ALL birth control and be au natual (no drugs in me!!! 'cept for multi-vitamins) pretty soon!! ;)

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