Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Updates coming soon

My website needs to be updated soon. It's been a while. Maybe I'll keep the layout (since I probably need a refresher on xhtml coding!), but change the colors and fonts, etc (style sheets). Nothing major, just something different. Red and black are some of my favorite colors, but it's pretty dark. Hmmm...

I also need to update it with somewhat recent photography, business card designs, wedding monogram designs and the other small things I've worked on since the last update.

I'm also finally getting back into classes. My headaches have been bothering me, so when I try to nap in the evenings to make the pain go away, I just end up falling asleep for the night... and that's been going on for about...uh... 4 months! LOL I need to get everything together, especially now that I really shouldn't be going out. Gotta get it all done by December!

Happy early 4th!

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