Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new paintings, different style, similar subject matter

My friend Laura's birthday is today, so I decided to paint her dogs and give them to her as a present.

She has a long-haired dachshund named Petra and a basset hound named Ginger... if you have my FB, I have pics of them on there. She commented on my t-shirt logo that I did last month (see post from May 12) that she wanted cartoon versions of her dogs, so I painted them! I was originally going to do one of per dogs in the same style as I did with my pets, but this style was easier and less time consuming (and more fun!).

I had to buy the cheap acrylics, which meant that I had to paint 2 coats of each color, which sucked. But I had to go cheap because one friggin tube of the stuff is $5! And they don't come in small tubes. Boo.

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Jenn said...

these are terribly cute!

in case you weren't sure, i check up on your stuff, i just don't comment often.

big sis