Friday, May 30, 2008

Details! Ugh.

I made an attempt to draw some chandeliers from a catalog because I thought they looked cool. But they were too cool for me, obviously! I started with the one on the bottom and it was so hard! I first tried to look at the negative spaces vs. positive to help figure out what was where...but it just got too frustrating with all the little jewels hanging down. (I'm impatient.) Then I tried another one which was a little easier, but still had these stupid little jewel things hanging everywhere which I didn't want to draw. I didn't even want to scan this, but I want to show progression and growth in this blog.

For me being what I consider a highly detail-oriented person, I don't (YET) have the ability to express that with drawing. I'm easily frustrated with this stuff. But It's like going to the gym (which I must say is something I still also struggle with); when you start your routine after not going for a long time, your body will hurt and be sore for the first couple weeks. But once you're back into it, it gets easy, and easier to move up to heavier weights and more advanced exercises. A piece of cake after that, right?

Anyway, I added an older ballpoint pen sketch I did a while ago to fluff this post up :)

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