Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm a graphic designer, a lover and connoisseur of all pretty, colroful things. However, if you walk into my house, you would never know. My walls are bare, only a few decorative items up anywhere. I am a minimalist, but I don't WANT my house to appear minimal. I am always torn between what I want and how I want it to look. If I do something that's trendy, I'm afraid of it going out of style too soon. I love one paint color one day, and hate it the next. And I never act on making these things happen anyway, so I just don't even start. Oh, and money to start home projects... don't even go there! I have a TON of photos from our wedding, Liam as an infant, and other happy family moments, but they are all in a box somewhere, waiting for frames to be purchased... I need to sign up for one of those home makeover shows.

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