Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Documentary

I'm intrigued at this style of photography.

I have a FB friend whom I was friends with during my SCAD days. She was a fashion major, I think, or maybe she switched. I'm not sure because we lost touch after freshman/sophomore year, and then after graduation, she moved back to Japan. Gotta love Facebook for the ability to reconnect!

Anyway, she had a baby the same year I did, but earlier that year. I tend to be drawn more towards people with kids Liam's age. She posts photo albums on her FB of her trips/adventures with her kid and family. I LOVE looking through her albums. They aren't the typical family-vacation photo album. They're not necessarily the most attractive shots - well, actually they are ALL beautifully composed shots. I guess what I mean is that they're not the type of "attractive" shots you'd see from a self-proclaimed professional photographer with visual elements like bokeh or depth of field or whatever... The photos are simple, unedited with natural lighting, but most importantly - tell a story.

I love flipping through her albums, admiring each photo. Her photos make me want to visit Japan so badly! She's got photos of her kid, mixed with photos of the landscape, mixed with touristy-type photos, mixed with photos of food she's about to eat. It's so awesome. Not too many photos of just her kid, which I know can get overwhelming and uninviting for others who just don't care to look at other people's kids. (I am guilty of taking too many pics of Liam, which is why I keep a separate Shutterfly site of all his pics to share with only those who care to see them all - mainly close friends and family)

I want to try this style. I take too many pics of Liam. You don't want to know how many. It's insane. I am a photo-hoarder! I just need to take more pics of the surroundings/environment. Like, Liam's got this funny look on his face, but what made him make that face? Or he's eating something that's all over his face... what exactly was he eating? Then maybe be very choosy as to what photos to show and stick the ones that I like a LOT in an album.

I also want to get a new camera... the Nikon D7000. Anyone want to give me $1200? :)

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Shonna said...

Where do you buy your camera stuff? Amazon? We should just get all of your friends and fam to get you giftcards toward your camera (or a trip to Japan!). I like the photojournalistic stuff! You should get into it!