Thursday, July 17, 2008


Owen Martin Moriarty
June 15, 2008

So, can I use a new nephew as an excuse for not completing my Rihanna drawing? LOL I am so bad. This journal has turned into a list of excuses. I'm screwed!

And another bragging photo... this is a gladiola in my yard. Isn't it kewl!?! I've never seen yellow and purple flowers! (I'm an amateur gardener, ok!?) I think it's so pretty and so wierd how soil and fertilizer and whatever affects plants because last year they were bright RED. I did transplant them to a shadier location this year. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?


JennLee said...

If that perfect, pure, precious baby boy isn't a good enough distraction than nothing on earth is. Screw Rihanna, I'd rather see more sketches of Joel! You should do "the gaming series" and find whacked out perspectives to draw him from.

Man, you are making me want to draw so badly. So don't beat yourself up for missing a self imposed blog deadline, just think, you have inspired another soul. That's a GREAT thing. Love ya!

Peng-Peng said...

aww! cute little baby! its funny, just as i was looking at the photo, celine dion comes belting out some long loud note and it was just quite fitting. kakaka
so plants change colors?! that's crazy insane! i didn't know that they do that. those are some purdy gladiolas u got there. my mom grows them in her garden but i don't think its purple. that would've been more fitting for her.

well, rihanna's not that interesting to look at anyway so i don't blame ya for falling asleep. kekeke tho at this point, if that was me, i probably would abandon that and do a whole new one. but that's just me. ^__^ i'm so durned impatient!